Dancer, choreographer, singer, curator / artistic director

worked as a dancer with the Bat Sheva Ensemble, Clipa Theater, Inbal dance theater, Barak Marshall Dance Company and with the choreographers Emanuel Gat, Noa Dar, Ronit Ziv and others.

Sahar has received several awards such as Minister of Education and Culture Prize for young choreographers in 2005. Sahar initiated the successful project: Dance Classes for Professional Dancers in Jerusalem . He is also chosen to be one of the artistic directors of 'Curtain Up' Festival 2010/11.

Sahar  is a teacher in the Academy of music and dance in Jerusalem as well as the artistic director of the Ensemble of the academy

Sahar's works are invited to many festivals in the world such as MONACO DANCE FORUM,UZES DANCE - France, SZIGET - Hungary, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, Croatia,  Italy and others...

in 2009 Sahar created the piece UTF8 for the ZPA dance company in Zagreb.

In January-May 2012 Sahar is invited as a resident artist in the University of Illinois supported by the Shusterman fund.  

Artistic director of “Zirat Machol festival 2013-2017” in the Jerusalem Art Arena.

Member of the artist collective "Protective edge".

Sahar is also a singer song writer. 



photo: Yanai Yechiel 2014.